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People in group counseling

5 Benefits of Group Counseling

At The Right Step Houston in Texas, our dedication to providing comprehensive and compassionate care for those on the path to recovery is embodied in our group counseling sessions. Group therapy activities are a core component of our holistic approach to addiction treatment, offering individuals the collaborative support necessary to face their challenges head-on. By […]

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Person wondering how long Molly lasts

How Long Does Molly Last?

The pursuit of happiness often drives people to try substances like Molly, also known as 3,4-methyl​enedioxy​methamphetamine (MDMA), known for its popularity. This drug offers short-term pleasure but can result in lasting consequences. But how long does Molly last in the body after you’ve taken a dose? If you or someone you know is grappling with

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Person feeling Klonopin's side effects

Klonopin Side Effects

Navigating the complexities of mental health involves understanding the treatments available, their benefits, and their potential side effects. For many in Texas seeking relief from anxiety disorders or seizures, Klonopin—a benzodiazepine (benzo)—has been prescribed medication. However, with its use comes the need for awareness regarding Klonopin’s side effects and the potential for Klonopin abuse. At

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Person struggling with heroin abuse

Signs of Heroin Abuse

Unfettered heroin use is a pressing concern that can devastate lives, families, and communities. Recognizing the signs of heroin abuse is pivotal for early intervention and treatment. Beyond the immediate, euphoric effects of heroin, its abuse can lead to profound, lasting physical and psychological challenges. The Right Step Houston in Texas offers a compassionate, comprehensive

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Person wondering how long meth stays in your system

How Long Does Meth Stay in Your System?

Navigating the maze of addiction and its aftermath can be daunting. Understanding the impact substances like methamphetamine (meth) have on your body is a crucial step toward healing and recovery. As someone worried about yourself or a loved one’s meth use, you must explore the critical aspects of meth abuse, its risks, and the pathway

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Person sitting on floor and realizing they have a psychological dependence on a substance

Defining Psychological Dependence

Recognizing a psychological dependence on drugs or alcohol can be challenging. Understanding the signs and symptoms helps identify if you or a loved one may have a problem. What should you know about substance addiction vs. dependence? If you need to use the substance more frequently or in larger amounts to get the desired effect,

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People experiencing how addiction and relationships are connected

How Addiction Can Impact Relationships

Addiction damages relationships. From the relationship someone has with a spouse or significant other, their children, colleagues, friends, and extended family, no personal connection is spared the fallout of someone’s substance use disorder (SUD). For numerous reasons, an SUD gets in the way of trust, communication, and respect. A person with an SUD is, by

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Person enjoying life after rehab

Adjusting to Life After Rehab

There is strong evidence that engaging in a robust alumni program after discharge from a drug and alcohol treatment program improves long-term recovery outcomes. Life after rehab can be stressful and intimidating for many people who have not lived without substances for a while. Suddenly, facing sober living beyond the supportive circle of rehab can

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Person thinking about the specifics of ecstasy vs MDMA

Ecstasy vs. MDMA: What’s the Difference?

In a world where addictive drugs are increasingly available, both on the street and via prescription, it is essential to be well informed. Many people are unsure about what the party drug known as ecstasy is and if it is the same thing as 3,4-methyl enedioxy methamphetamine (MDMA). They are, in fact, the same drug.

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