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person wearing surgical mask epidemic vs pandemic

Epidemic Vs. Pandemic and the Need to Get Sober

To better understand an epidemic vs. pandemic, take a look at what is going on in the world with COVID-19, or the Coronavirus. What started as an epidemic in December 2019, has now become a worldwide pandemic. An epidemic occurs when a contained area begins to experience a disease all at once. It is a …

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patients experiencing the benefits of group therapy

Benefits of Group Therapy

Group therapy involves a therapist working with more than one person at a session. At times, there are multiple therapists present. There are many benefits of group therapy as it allows people at different recovery stages to work together. This enables participants to understand the challenges at each stage. According to Mayo Clinic, group therapy is …

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man smiling knowing how to prevent a panic attack

How to Prevent a Panic Attack

About 11% of the US population suffers from panic attacks every year, and this statistic includes doctors. Experts are still trying to figure out how to prevent a panic attack as they don’t fully understand why they occur.  A panic attack is very distressing, sometimes frightening, and physically and mentally fatiguing. If you or your loved …

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woman comforting another woman having learned the signs of codependency

Signs of Codependency

Codependency is a term initially used to describe the situation experienced by the spouses of alcoholics. However, research now reveals that the signs of codependency are more prevalent in the general population. For example, a person in a dysfunctional family or taking care of a sick parent is likely to be codependent. The good news is …

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what is psychotherapy, therapist talking with patient

What is Psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is an umbrella term for evidence-based therapy that treatment specialists use to help clients with mental disorders. Psychotherapy is a form of talk therapy where a counselor listens to the client and responds with solutions to the client’s challenges.Therapists often help clients learn how to recognize the underlying issues within the problems and develop …

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long term effects of alcohol, man looking at viewer solemnly

Long Term Effects of Alcohol

Regardless of the risks of alcohol, millions of Americans drink over a period of several years or decades. Many drinkers eventually become alcoholics. However, the problems associated with alcohol are not always addressed. As a result, the long term effects of alcohol can destroy lives.A soon as alcohol enters the body it has an effect …

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inpatient vs outpatient treatment, a group smiling

Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment

Once you complete your detox from drug or alcohol addiction, a treatment specialist will help you determine the next step in your recovery. Treatment centers in Texas offer two primary programs to choose from: inpatient vs outpatient treatment. Although both programs offer the same types of therapy, they provide different levels of supervision, facilities, and …

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