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therapist in office setting explaining to client that cbt plays a large role in substance abuse treatment

CBT Plays Large Role in Substance Abuse Treatment

When you finally take that brave, bold step toward substance abuse treatment and recovery, you want to know you’re walking in the right direction. Cognitive-behavioral therapy, or CBT, is a proven, evidence-based therapy that has helped millions stay on the path of recovery. CBT for substance abuse treatment can help you or a loved one …

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couple in recovery hiking through the woods enjoying fun sober activities for summer

Fun Sober Activities for Summer

Since addiction causes a lifetime of symptoms, recovery requires finding ways to manage your life without relying on drugs and alcohol. During addiction, life revolves around substances, and most of your socializing centers around alcohol and drug use. That can mean finding fun, sober activities after alcohol addiction treatment and recovery can be challenging.Addiction is …

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distraught young man sitting outside with head in his hands attempting to understand the opioid epidemic statistcis

Understanding Opioid Epidemic Statistics

Opioids are potent drugs that alleviate pain and provide a euphoric sensation. Both legal, prescribed medications and illicit drugs are classified as opioids. Some of the most common are:HeroinFentanylOxycodone (OxyContin)MorphineHydrocodone (Vicodin)According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), 90 people die from an opioid overdose each day. In addition, nearly two million people abuse …

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worried young man wondering when will prescription pain medicine become a problem

When Will Prescription Pain Medicine Become a Problem?

Pain is just a part of the aging experience. As we age, things just hurt – sometimes for no apparent reason. Younger people also experience pain, but it is most commonly after an injury or surgical procedure. Nonetheless, the occasional headache or muscle ache is a common experience for almost everyone. American society has become …

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Woman considers the dangers of substance abuse

Dangers of Substance Abuse

Substance abuse is characterized by a pattern of harmful use of any substance. This can include alcohol, drugs, and even some legal substances. People who abuse substances often do so because they feel that they need the substance to cope with things like mental health concerns or past trauma, or because long-term use of the …

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Sad woman with anxiety and substance use

You Have Anxiety and Substance Use Is Making It Worse

Spend just a little bit of time with the realities of our world today and, if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself brimming with tension. It may your anxiety skyrocket. And it may make you want to turn to substance use. I’m talking about the tension between yourself and another person, the weight of important decisions, …

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Friend worried for friend in recovery

3 Helpful Things to Say to Friends in Recovery

When your friend in recovery is going through addiction therapy, there’s no doubt your heartaches with a desire to help—to ease burdens, soothe the mind and comfort the soul. And in your best of intentions, you’re probably looking for just the right words to say. So let’s talk for a moment about how the words you …

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Line of first responders represent careers at risk for addiction

3 Careers at Risk for Addiction

Are Our First Responders at Risk for Addiction?Firefighters, police officers and paramedics share two major job components: each is a hero of the community, and all face inherent danger on a daily basis. These pressures can make first their careers high risk for addiction.  You can imagine those dangers, right? Burns, smoke inhalation, gun violence, physical …

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Woman at the harbor ready for setting boundaries in addiction recovery

Setting Boundaries in Addiction Recovery

A Few Simple Things to Know About Setting Boundaries in Addiction Recovery Before we get started on setting boundaries in addiction recovery, take a moment to gather a few supplies: A blank sheet of paperA pencilA toddler A few crayons(If you don’t have a toddler handy, your imagination should do the trick). Use your pencil to draw a simple …

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Illustration of woman that depicts the struggle of addiction as a chronic brain disorder

Is Your Addiction a Chronic Brain Disorder?

Diabetes, a broken arm, a heart attack—these are all widely recognized as medical conditions. But what about a chronic brain disorder? How does it relate to addiction? In some cases, the patient may have even contributed to the onset. Right? And yet . . . A sedentary woman diagnosed with type 2 diabetes receives understanding, guidance and …

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