Opioid Addiction Treatment

Woman considers coping with opioid withdrawal

Coping with Opioid Withdrawal

Opioid withdrawal symptoms can be some of the most difficult to get through if you’ve been using an opioid-based drug for a long time. Common symptoms include anxiety, muscle pain, sweating, aching, insomnia, or fatigue. Coping with opioid withdrawal is possible with professional help at an opioid detox center in Texas.However, if you are going …

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Woman talking to doctor about options other than prescription opioids

“No Prescription Opioids, Please.”

Recovery offers a beautiful opportunity to view each day for all of the potentials it holds. And yet. Sober individuals live the same ol’ adulting life as the rest of the world: We have to work and keep a job. Have to prioritize relationships. We must take care of your body. And it’s that last one we want to focus …

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Prescription opioids and opioid addiction

What Makes Prescription Opioids So Dangerous?

If you’ve skimmed the headlines in recent years, you know prescription opioid addiction is a true American crisis. And things are only getting worse. The CDC reported a 38% increase in deaths by opioid overdose from December 2019 to December 2020. Maybe, when you see this statistic, you think to yourself, “That’s so sad. I’m glad I …

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White pills on a table for someone with Opioid dependence

Discovering Signs of Opioid Dependence: What Now?

If you’ve had an injury or surgery, you may have taken opioids to manage pain. But you may be surprised what happens as you heal. It may only take a short period of misuse before it becomes opioid dependence. You may not realize how much you’ve relied on opioids until you try to stop taking …

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Woman holding prescription pain medicine

When Does Prescription Pain Medicine Become a Problem?

Just this morning, my husband said, “My knee hurts. Must have slept on it funny.”  I chimed in, “Yeah? I did something to my shoulder. It’s been giving me trouble for days.”  And here we are, folks.  Our bodies—these glorious things that once rolled around on the ground with friends, powered through all-nighters and took us on grand …

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