Stages of Addiction Recovery, family sitting together laughing

Stages of Addiction Recovery

Going through the stages of addiction recovery takes patience and determination. No one suddenly gets better. However, if you are determined to make recovery a priority you can overcome your addiction and manage your condition. Let’s take a closer look at the stages of addiction recovery and what you expect once you enter rehab.Alcohol and …

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Inpatient vs Outpatient Treatment

Once you complete your detox from drug or alcohol addiction, a treatment specialist will help you determine the next step in your recovery. Treatment centers in Texas offer two primary programs to choose from: inpatient vs outpatient treatment. Although both programs offer the same types of therapy, they provide different levels of supervision, facilities, and …

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Having a Sober New Year’s

When you are actively recovering, it may seem impossible to find a way to celebrate a sober New Year’s. Holidays can be especially dangerous and difficult if you are in recovery. Fatal overdoses and alcohol-related fatalities extremely common during New Year’s. Thus, New Year’s poses a threat to your sobriety. Holidays can also create a …

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Stress Management Techniques

When you battle addiction, drugs and alcohol become your primary coping mechanism. Masking painful and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings with psychoactive substances means that an important part of recovery is learning healthy stress management techniques.Stress is an unfortunate part of life. While some types of stress are beneficial and can help motivate you to meet …

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family celebrates sober holidays

Strategies for Enjoying a Sober Holidays

Holidays present a lot of challenges for someone going through recovery from addiction. This time of the year is filled with parties and other events. The temptation to drink is everywhere. However, you are determined to stay clean. This may involve help from a Houston, TX outpatient treatment program and relying on the skills you …

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man learns about myths about drug during rehab

Debunking Common Myths About Drugs

Drug use is often glamorized in movies and TV shows, tied to cultural norms and accepted in many segments of society. As such, it is easy to see why people believe myths about drugs instead of finding out the facts. Peer pressure and clever marketing often influence a person’s views about drugs, thus leading them …

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concerned daughter asking professional what is evidence based therapy

What is Evidence Based Therapy?

Therapists in addiction treatment centers in Houston, TX, take a scientific approach to treating addiction. The approach is based on years of study, research, and observation. As such, they adopt evidence based therapy (EBT) to help individuals recover from substance abuse. What is evidence based therapy?What is Evidence Based Therapy?Treatment specialists use evidence based therapy …

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