child between two parents with their backs to each other showing how addiction affects families

Learn How Addiction Affects Families Today

Substance abuse is a severe disorder a person cannot battle alone. Toxic substances have devastating effects on users, but many people overlook how addiction affects families. Drug addicts are real people with family members, including parents, spouses, and children.  

However, addiction affects society at large. According to recent data, more than 38% of adults in the US battle an illicit drug use disorder. This vice costs the nation about $740 billion every year in healthcare expenses, crime-related costs, and lost productivity in workplaces.  

The best way to deal with addiction is to take your loved one to a rehab facility for prompt treatment. The best facilities have several programs, including: 

Addiction Puts Strain on Relationships

Addiction is like cancer to the body. It starts as a tumor, but can rapidly spread and kill the relationship if you do not seek professional assistance. Even when you genuinely love someone, addiction can create a barrier that might be challenging to overcome. 

Many substance abuse behaviors can aggravate a strain on relationships. If you’re concerned about how addiction affects families and your loved ones, there are several signs to look out for, such as: 

  • Isolating themselves from family and friends 
  • Avoiding people who confront them about a past drug or alcohol abuse
  • Lying about alcohol or illicit drug use 
  • Stealing to fund the addiction
  • Mood changes or paranoia

Grief and Other Emotional Issues

Even if the family relationships remain unchanged, emotional strife is likely to be present in a home where addiction is at play. Substance abuse often causes various emotional issues in the user, including depression, anxiety, and extreme anger.  

As a result, family members and friends will feel angry that they have been forcefully placed in a tight situation. Besides, they’ll feel as if they have already lost the relationship. This is because they’ll always be worrying that their loved one might disappear, get hurt, or even die.  

Such a volatile situation can plunge the entire family or social circle in emotional turmoil. These emotions do not simply fade away just because the person accepts to go to rehab or promises to change. The wounds may require time and therapy to heal completely.  

How Addiction Affects Families Through Legal and Financial Issues

Many families in the US suffer the outward consequence of drug and alcohol abuse; they have to deal with the financial aspect of addiction. Drugs cost money to buy, and addiction costs even more to treat. Family members are the ones who suffer the most when someone in the household is an addict. 

If it’s a parent who is addicted, then they may end up using funds meant for rent or food on drugs or alcohol. Furthermore, addiction often comes with many health consequences that increase the financial obligation of the family. 

Substance abuse may also cause a loss in income. Employers can’t fire you because you admit to being a user, but they may fire you for the behaviors associated with addiction. 

On the other hand, family members may, at times, have to deal with the legal implications of addiction, especially when law enforcement arrests their loved one.  

Now that you fully understand how addiction affects families, don’t let it go unchecked and untreated. At The Right Step, the first step is yours. We’ll help with the rest, so contact us at 1.844.768.0169 today.  

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