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Stages of Addiction Recovery

Going through the stages of addiction recovery takes patience and determination. No one suddenly gets better. However, if you are determined to make recovery a priority you can overcome your addiction and manage your condition. Let’s take a closer look at the stages of addiction recovery and what you expect once you enter rehab.

Alcohol and drug addiction can take months or years to develop. Likewise, when you decide to end your addiction, you may find that reversing substance abuse also takes time. You may have to undergo different stages of addiction recovery such as detox, extensive rehab, and even a period of aftercare to get to where you were before your addiction took root.

What are the Stages of Addiction Recovery?

Below are the five stages of alcohol or drug addiction recovery including:

Stage 1: Awareness

Oftentimes, an addict is the last person to be aware that they have a problem with drugs or alcohol. Their condition has deteriorated to the point where they are oblivious to their problem.

Oftentimes, someone else has to point out the fact that the user is an addict. While awareness does not guarantee action, it may be a crucial starting point on the road to recovery. If a person can admit they have a problem, they are more likely to do something about it.

Stage 2: Ambivalence

Even when someone recognizes they have a problem with drugs or alcohol, they may be on the fence about getting help. In therapy, we often call this ambivalence. The individual may recognize the problem. However, they may justify using drugs or alcohol.

The user may also come up with countless reasons why they either don’t want or don’t need help. The goal is to get the person to focus on the solution instead of on the current problem. This is another major turning point in recovery.

Stage 3: Commitment

The addict decides to move forward with recovery. In most cases, the first step is to check into an alcohol or drug detox center in Texas. Here, the person has a chance to talk to a treatment specialist.

The specialist discusses the addiction, goes over treatment options and begins to develop a framework for recovery. Although detox is difficult, the user is willing to commit to it.

Stage 4: Rehabilitation

Detox may be the most difficult part of recovery to get through. However, it’s just the beginning. After detox, the client may continue their treatment in rehab. Addiction centers offer a wide range of treatment options including inpatient and outpatient services and evidence-based and holistic treatment. If a person completes rehab, they are on their way to true recovery.

Stage 5: Maintenance

Once a person completes rehab, they may re-engage with their normal life again. This includes going back home, going back to work, and spending time with personal activities. The transition back into the real world can be difficult. For this reason, treatment centers offer programs including:

Learn More About the Stages of Addiction Recovery at Right Step Houston

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