“I am beyond words with all the professionalism of services by everyone here. Excellent care in every area.”

“I feel that all my needs were met and then some. I was provided with a wealth of knowledge concerning my addiction. I really enjoyed the group setting for the IOP program because I was able to get feedback not only from my counselor but from my peers as well.”

“The entire staff took very good care of my needs and were always accessible when ever I needed them. I felt extremely safe here. The entire staff is quite remarkable and have hearts of gold. I can’t thank them enough for all they did for me.”

“Since coming to the right step, I have learned coping skills, knowledge about my addiction, and the key to a successful sobriety.”

“I love the fact that everyone knows your name and usually asks how you are doing. The counseling staff is the best I’ve run across. I was amazed that they had so much time to give each client. Rare in the treatment field these days.”

“I feel very happy with my treatment here at the right step I couldn’t of asked for a better councilor (mark griffin) he really got me to go deep within myself and get out some of my deepest darkest pain that I have always kept in and kept to my self. I had this massive amount of weight lifted off my shoulders and never been more happy to be sober.”

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