Prescription opioids and opioid addiction

What Makes Prescription Opioids So Dangerous?

If you’ve skimmed the headlines in recent years, you know prescription opioid addiction is a true American crisis.  And things are only getting worse. The CDC reported a 38% increase in deaths by opioid overdose from December 2019 to December 2020.  Maybe, when you see this statistic, you think to yourself, “That’s so sad. I’m…

Man suffering from substance use disorders and dual diagnosis

What is Dual Diagnosis and How Does it Happen?

Substance use disorder and mental health issues often deliver a one-two punch—occurring at the same time for people who could really use a break.    Or, to borrow another cliche, these dual diagnoses kick folks while they’re already on the ground.    What’s up with that? Why do we see a prevalence of co-occurring mental…

Woman holding prescription pain medicine

When Does Prescription Pain Medicine Become a Problem?

Just this morning, my husband said, “My knee hurts. Must have slept on it funny.”    I chimed in, “Yeah? I did something to my shoulder. It’s been giving me trouble for days.”    And here we are, folks.    Our bodies—these glorious things that once rolled around on the ground with friends, powered through…


CBT Plays Large Role in Substance Abuse Treatment

When you finally take that brave, bold step toward substance abuse treatment and recovery, you want to know you’re walking in the right direction. Who wouldn’t?   When you enter treatment for addiction, you’re giving your time and effort as an investment. And we’re right there with you in saying we hope it’s an investment…