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Woman with high BAC level, about to blackout

BAC Level For Blackout

Blacking out should not be considered a normal aspect of drinking. Blacking out from drinking is a sign that you are drinking too much and putting your health at risk.Blackouts, or alcohol-induced amnesia, are often caused by binge drinking or drinking to extreme intoxication. Blackouts can be dangerous because you may not remember how much …

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young woman interacting virtually through laptop learning how does virtual recovery work

How Does Virtual Recovery Work?

Individuals struggling with addiction have various options for maintaining sobriety after completing an addiction treatment program. In the past, this often meant attending in-person meetings. However, many in recovery are now turning to virtual treatment programs thanks to technological advances. This new paradigm in addiction treatment offers those in recovery a much easier way to …

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woman sitting alone in her darkened room wondering how do i know if i'm a drug addct

How Do I Know If I’m a Drug Addict

It can be difficult to know if you are a drug addict. Many people deny that they have a problem, even when their drug use is causing them serious harm. If you are worried that you may be addicted to drugs, getting help as soon as possible is essential. There are many signs that can …

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couple standing in bedroom as woman turns away and learns why loving an addict can be dangerous

Why Loving an Addict Can Be Dangerous

It’s no secret that loving an addict can be dangerous. In fact, it may be one of the most dangerous things you can do. But why is it so dangerous? And what can you do to protect yourself and your loved one? More importantly, what if they need a substance abuse treatment program?The first thing you …

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a concerned friend laying their hand on the shoulder of a person and asking are you ready to get addiction help

Are You Ready To Get Addiction Help?

Addiction affects millions of Americans every year, and each person’s path to addiction is unique. Most people desire to handle their own problems and find it difficult to ask for help. Addiction is something altogether different; it can take over your life, causing damage to relationships, finances, and personal health. The best way to break …

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couple in recovery hiking through the woods enjoying fun sober activities for summer

Fun Sober Activities for Summer

Since addiction causes a lifetime of symptoms, recovery requires finding ways to manage your life without relying on drugs and alcohol. During addiction, life revolves around substances, and most of your socializing centers around alcohol and drug use. That can mean finding fun, sober activities after alcohol addiction treatment and recovery can be challenging.Addiction is …

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young man sitting on sofa looking into the distance wondering what are common relapse triggers

What Are Common Relapse Triggers?

When you enroll in an addiction treatment center in Texas, one of the things that you learn about is common relapse triggers. These are people, places, or situations that trigger your desire to drink or take drugs. Triggers often happen when you least expect them. Furthermore, they can cause you to fall headlong back into …

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Therapist and patient discuss how long is residential addiction treatment

How Long is Residential Addiction Treatment?

How long is residential addiction treatment? Once you enter a residential addiction treatment center, the length of your stay depends on several factors, such as the severity of your addiction and if you have any co-occurring mental health concerns. Your stay will also depend on whether you choose a partial hospitalization program or long-term rehab.Addiction …

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Woman considers coping with opioid withdrawal

Coping with Opioid Withdrawal

Opioid withdrawal symptoms can be some of the most difficult to get through if you’ve been using an opioid-based drug for a long time. Common symptoms include anxiety, muscle pain, sweating, aching, insomnia, or fatigue. Coping with opioid withdrawal is possible with professional help at an opioid detox center in Texas.However, if you are going …

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Man and therapist talk about what is dual diagnosis

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Addiction can not only impact your cognition, judgment, and relationships, but it can also aggravate and cause mental health disorders. Worse still, you can develop a co-occurring condition that requires dual diagnosis treatment. But what is a dual diagnosis and how common is it?More than 30 million Americans ages 12 and older use illicit drugs …

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