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Person looking out window and wondering, "How are mental illness and addiction linked?"

How Are Mental Illness and Addiction Linked?

Struggling with addiction is complicated enough on its own, but if you’re dealing with another mental health issue on top of it, things can quickly become overwhelming. There is a strong link between mental illness and addiction that is not considered by many. However, you can make informed decisions regarding your addiction treatment by understanding […]

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Two people asking each other, "What is the difference between CBT and DBT?"

What Is the Difference Between CBT and DBT?

Therapy is often the key to recovery when dealing with addiction, trauma, or emotional disorders. Different types of therapies exist, including behavioral therapy. Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) are two popular types of behavioral therapy. But what is the difference between CBT and DBT as addiction therapies? Call 1.844.768.0169 to speak with

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people talking about physiological dependence on alcohol

How Physiological Dependence Can Be Treated

Are you or someone you love struggling with physiological dependence on drugs or alcohol? You’re not alone. Addiction is a real and severe disease, but there is hope for recovery. At The Right Step Houston, our experienced and knowledgeable staff offers comprehensive addiction treatment programs that can help you get your life back on track.

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Man considering the link between perfectionism and addiction

Perfectionism and Addiction

What is perfectionism? Perfectionism is a refusal or inability to accept anything less than perfect, depending on who you ask. It is the attitude of expecting an impossible standard from everyone, including oneself. Maintaining this standard is aggravating and stressful, and correlates highly with mental health disorders like anxiety and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Unfortunately, any group

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Man thriving in life after addiction treatment

Life After Addiction

Life after addiction will never be exactly like before, but that’s true of any life-changing experience. What matters is whether people leaving rehab walk away with enough fortitude and awareness to stop addiction before it starts. While it’s hard to determine how many people relapse after rehab, estimates put the figure at anywhere between 40%

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Person considering the stigma of addiction

Stigma of Addiction

Is stigma preventing you from seeking addiction recovery options? When it comes to substance use disorder (SUD) treatment, addiction stigma often labels an individual unfairly and prolongs or even prevents a move toward recovery and improving one’s life. Learn how The Right Step Houston can help individuals struggling with SUDs show up for themselves despite

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woman sitting alone in her darkened room wondering how do i know if i'm a drug addct

How Do I Know If I’m a Drug Addict

It can be difficult to know if you are a drug addict. Many people deny that they have a problem, even when their drug use is causing them serious harm. If you are worried that you may be addicted to drugs, getting help as soon as possible is essential. There are many signs that can

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a concerned friend laying their hand on the shoulder of a person and asking are you ready to get addiction help

Are You Ready To Get Addiction Help?

Addiction affects millions of Americans every year, and each person’s path to addiction is unique. Most people desire to handle their own problems and find it difficult to ask for help. Addiction is something altogether different; it can take over your life, causing damage to relationships, finances, and personal health. The best way to break

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patient talking with therapist about what cbt is like

What Is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Like?

What is cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) like? CBT is a type of therapy that helps people change their thoughts and behaviors in order to improve their mental health. CBT can be used to treat a wide variety of mental health conditions, such as anxiety, depression, and substance abuse. CBT is usually conducted in sessions with a

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