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Addiction therapy programs are a critical component of any drug rehab program. It’s crucial to find the therapy that will help you get to the root of your addiction problems. The Right Step Houston offers a broad range of comprehensive programs.

Addiction Therapy Programs at The Right Step Houston

Woman learning about her addiction treatment therapiesThe Right Step provides thorough addiction therapy programs in Houston, TX for those who are suffering with mild to severe drug or alcohol addiction problems. In addition, the therapy programs address mental health conditions that many of the participants also have. Here is a list of offered therapies:

Individual Therapy

This type of therapy allows you to meet one-on-one with a trained therapist. During individual therapy, you will address the emotional pain that contributes to substance abuse. As you explore difficulties from the past, you find the strength to face the present. In addition, you’ll learn how triggers play a part in the addiction process and learn how to identify them.

Group Counseling

Small group therapy is a special part of addiction therapy. Many groups are gender-separate, which also fosters a freer atmosphere in which to open up. Your peers provide a way to gain new insights into yourself and your issues. Through the guidance of a trained leader, you will also discover revelations that are relevant to you and your peers in treatment.

The Daring Way™

Certified Daring Way™ facilitators help you navigate The Daring Way™ shame resilience curriculum, which was developed by best-selling author and renowned TED Talks speaker Dr. Brené Brown. This therapy teaches resiliency, acceptance, and authenticity.

Rising Strong Therapy

Based on Dr. Brené Brown’s research and book “Rising Strong,” this group therapy builds upon the work you do in The Daring Way™ shame-resilience groups. Clients learn that when we show up bravely and authentically, we may still stumble. The therapy doesn’t shame you for it but offers ways to “get back up” and focus on lessons learned during setbacks.

In addition to:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – CBT is an evidence-based therapy that helps you recognize self-defeating thoughts and behaviors. During therapy, you discover more functional ways of dealing with challenges. It is effective in addressing a wide range of issues including depression, anxiety, trauma, addiction, and other mental health disorders.
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) – A form of cognitive behavioral therapy, DBT helps you accept who you are while also pointing out that changes are needed for you to meet your goals. You will learn mindfulness techniques that help address life’s difficulties and regulate overwhelming emotions.
  • Motivational Interviewing – This goal-oriented therapy provides a collaborative therapeutic relationship instead of traditional doctor-and-patient roles. Your counselor will help you discover your own wisdom and motivation for change within a supportive, accepting environment.
  • Creative Therapies – We offer experiential therapeutic approaches such as music and art therapy. This gives you the opportunity to explore emotions and challenges from a subconscious perspective versus traditional talk therapy. The creative process can help you uncover underlying issues.
  • 12-Step Therapy Module – The 12-step module is a well-known and effective treatment program that includes step work, packet work, workshops, as well as much more. We also offer 12-step alternatives for those who do not relate to the 12-step recovery method.

Introducing The Right Step Houston

Welcome to healing with The Right Step. Our caring and experienced staff await you, ready to guide you on your journey to a fulfilled life.

When you join our community of fellow rehab participants, you’ll find inner strength, friendship, and healing. From the beautiful setting to the comprehensive therapy programs, you’ll be well on your way to the life you crave.

Don’t let drug addiction take over your life. Addiction therapy programs are your solution to a happy life. Reach out today by contacting 1.844.768.0169. We’ll guide you on your road to recovery through inpatient and outpatient drug rehab services.

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