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Addiction Treatment Rehab Programs

If you are struggling with a substance use disorder, then our addiction treatment programs at The Right Step Houston will put you on the path to healing. It can be a challenge once someone realizes they are dependent or addicted to drugs or alcohol. However, addiction is a disease requiring professional support to heal and recover from properly. Fortunately, Right Step Houston offers numerous programs that are comprehensive and customizable for the specific needs of the patient. Addiction treatment rehab is the first step towards making a lasting recovery.

Addiction Treatment Rehab Programs

group of friends happy and healthy after the Addiction Treatment rehab Programs Houston TX provides Finding the best treatment program is one of the first steps in your journey to healing from the disease of drug addiction. It makes a difference in what program you take part in. A medical professional will aid you in this decision by finding out information from you. The addiction specialist will provide you with an assessment to determine what treatments would work best. At the Right Step Houston, several options exist such as:

Drug and Alcohol Detox Program

Supervised detox provides a safer, more comfortable experience for you during the withdrawal period. Physicians may prescribe medication to ease your symptoms, as well.

Inpatient Drug Rehab

During inpatient drug rehab you will stay in a residential setting 24/7 and receive full care and supervision. You’ll attend therapy sessions throughout the day and sleep comfortably at night. This is a more intensive treatment program designed for those with severe addiction issues. If going unsupervised at the moment is too challenging for you, then inpatient drug rehab is the safest option.

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

In this type of program, you will spend several hours a week in rehab gaining the strength you need to be successful. Approximately three days a week, you will attend intensive therapy sessions learning the skills and strategies for overcoming drug addiction. You’ll also discover your triggers, thus enabling you to resist drugs when you return home. Outpatient therapy allows you to keep up with some responsibilities in life, while still gaining rehab assistance.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment

For those with a mental health condition as well as substance use disorder, dual diagnosis treatment is the best plan for you. In fact, having co-occurring conditions is very common. Dual diagnosis treatment can be implemented right within an inpatient or intensive outpatient therapies. Dual diagnosis treatment will delve into the mental health issues that led to substance use and vice versa.

Seek Treatment Today

Addiction treatment programs in Houston, TX provides the structure and guidance you need to have a successful future. You want a program that will help you break the cycle of drug addiction, not just for the moment but also for good. This means participating in research-based therapies and following up with supportive aftercare and alumni programs.

Addiction Specialists

It’s important to take this journey to heal with rehab staff who are specialists in two ways. For one thing, you want a highly skilled treatment team that includes professionals, such as a board-certified addictionologist, psychiatrists, physicians, therapists, advanced nurse practitioners, and other addiction specialists. In addition to that, you also want to know that some people on the staff understand your situation on a personal level and that they can empathize with you. Our counselors and therapists offer numerous therapies to help patients deal with their addiction issues such as

The Right Step Houston has the perfect combination of professionally trained clinicians with years of experience and staff members who are in recovery themselves. The medical therapists use evidence-based approaches to offer drug and alcohol treatment, making this an exceptional addiction treatment center in Houston, TX.

Welcome to Right Step Houston’s Addiction Treatment Rehab

Take your first step in the journey to healing with The Right Step. Our compassionate staff awaits you with open arms. We are ready to help you make that change in life you’ve been craving. Our women’s and men’s rehab center is equipped to meet the needs you have so you live a fulfilled life.

When you join our community of fellow rehab participants, you’ll find friendship, which helps when facing difficult times. From the serene setting, to the comprehensive therapy, to the strong recovery community, you’ll notice the difference we provide.

Don’t wait until drug addiction ruins your joy in life. Seek help by reaching out to our addiction treatment program today. We accept most major insurance providers and also accept Medicaid. Contact The Right Step Houston at 1.844.768.0169. We’ll guide you on your road to recovery.

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