Group Therapy Program

women in group therapy program in Houston consoling other memberWhen you have support from others who are also on the road to recovery, you are more likely to recover as well. Right Step Houston offers a comprehensive group therapy program for addiction to drugs and alcohol. Our group therapy programs integrate evidence-based therapy and holistic treatment to help you achieve your goals and give you a full sense of wellness.

Our licensed therapists use a wide range of techniques to help you address and manage all types of addictions and mental health disorders. Through dual diagnosis, we can identify the root causes of your addiction and teach you coping skills through group activities.

Types of Group Therapy Treatment We Offer

As a part of the group therapy program in Houston, you will be around others who can identify with your addiction or mental health disorder. You can share feelings and insights, as well as learn from others as your therapist guides you through various activities. Some of the treatment programs we offer in our group therapy program include:

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Houston cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) can be just as effective in a group setting as it is in individual therapy. Through CBT, you will work with others to discover the negative thought patterns and behaviors that trigger your addiction. You will also learn ways to replace your negative thinking with more positive and productive thinking.

Dialectical Behavior Therapy

One form of CBT is dialectical behavior therapy. This type of treatment helps you control your emotions, resolve conflict, and handle stressful situations more effectively. Within a group setting, you learn to become more aware of inner conflict so that you can regulate your emotions and learn how to cope with your addiction. Learn more about Texas evidence-based therapies.

Family Therapy

Our group therapy program in Houston also includes family therapy. Since addiction affects the entire family, we offer opportunities for members of your family to engage in talk therapy, holistic activities, and other forms of treatment. Family therapy allows your family to recover together and reconnect as you address your issues.

Mindfulness and Recreation Therapies

One of the initial steps in recovery is becoming more aware of your thoughts and feelings. Mindfulness teaches you how to identify your mind’s activity so that you can better manage it. We also help you address your feelings and emotions through recreation therapies.

12-Step Support Groups and Alternatives

After you complete your inpatient rehab in Texas, you may still want to plug into a support group. Right Step Houston offers numerous opportunities for you to get the support you need through 12-step programs. The goals of these programs include:

  • Taking responsibility for actions and bad deeds
  • Admitting transgressions to another person
  • Making amends where possible
  • Continuing to take a personal inventory of oneself

The Right Step Houston also offers alternatives to 12-step programs and alumni program options. You can maintain a support system to prevent a relapse. Find the right addiction treatment therapies in TX for your individual situation and needs.

What Can You Expect in Our Group Therapy Program

There is a difference between a support group and a group therapy program in Houston. A support group may be self-led with lots of flexibility for discussions. A group therapy program is a more focused group with a therapist who leads the group in discussion. Group therapy involves a combination of talk therapy and activities designed to reinforce your treatment.

A group therapy program focuses on evidence-based treatment as primary care. Evidence-based treatment is backed by research and study. Therefore, it is proven to be most effective for addiction treatment. We also provide holistic treatment such as yoga therapy, mindfulness, or fitness therapy to supplement your primary care.

Start Your Treatment Today at Right Step Houston

If you are ready to take the first step to recovery from addiction, contact Right Step Houston. We offer a wide range of treatments for all types of addiction and mental health disorders. To get started with your treatment, call us today at 1.844.768.0169.

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