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Welcome To Rooted: The Right Step Houston Alumni Communities

Rooted is a free service provided to alumni from any of the Promises family of treatment centers we here at Right Step Houston know will help many. These virtual recovery meetings will help alumni and others across the entire nation.

Individuals can attend for life. We offer weekly virtual recovery meetings on the Zoom platform. These online meetings are occurring nationwide across multiple cities.

As our country aligns its priorities, encouraging public health through social adjustments like social distancing, individuals in recovery need an outlet now more than ever. Since in-person meetings aren’t practical as many states are closing venues, our virtual recovery meetings may be exactly what you need.

At Promise, we have adjusted our sails so that we can navigate these winds and lead our alumni and others in recovery through this storm. No matter what we’re confronted with, we believe in continuing to provide meaningful avenues of connection. Thus, our virtual recovery meetings can serve as a way to safely connect with peers and others in want of group therapy or support meetings.

Right Step Houston’s Virtual Recovery Meetings

Until further notice, We are welcoming all people in all forms of recovery. This includes those who did not attend treatment with us. So come join us on any of our recently-expanded range of virtual recovery meetings. No matter what you are recovering from whether it’s substance use disorder or a mental health issue, WE ARE SO GLAD TO HAVE YOU JOIN US!

Below you will find our live calendar. It lists each of our virtual recovery meetings accessible to anyone worldwide all week, every week! Reach out today to get your recovery back on track. Through the safety of online meetings, you can not only get the group needed but be a little less alone. This is a challenging time in our history, you don’t have to go it alone. So, use the form below or call 1.844.768.0169 to get more details.

All of our alumni coordinators are peer recovery trained.

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