Benzo Addiction Treatment Program

bottle full of benzo pills for someone needing benzo addiction treatment program in HoustonRegardless of the severity of your addiction, there is a way out of substance abuse. Right Step Houston offers help for addiction through our benzo addiction treatment program in Houston. Our Texas substance abuse treatment programs include an array of evidence-based and holistic treatments design to give you a full recovery.

Our treatment plans are backed by research-supported intervention and years of clinical studies. We provide a complete recovery plan that includes detox, rehab, and relapse prevention through our aftercare program. Intake specialists personalize your treatment plan according to your current condition and your goals.

Benzo Addiction Treatment Program Options

Addiction to benzodiazepines can affect all areas of your life, including your relationships, your health, your job, and, most importantly, your home life. Therefore, we offer treatments that target benzo addiction and help you get back on your feet. Some of our treatment options include:

Evidence-Based Therapies

Your primary care will consist of clinical, science-based therapy that provides proven results. Evidence-based therapy in TX consists of the following:

  • Cognitive-behavioral therapy
  • Dialectical behavior therapy
  • Experiential therapy
  • Motivational interviewing
  • Trauma therapy

Holistic Treatment

In addition to your primary care, we also offer holistic treatment, which promotes healing of the whole self. Some of our holistic treatment options include:

  • Mindfulness and meditation
  • Yoga therapy
  • Exercise therapy
  • Nutrition therapy
  • Massage therapy and acupuncture
  • Recreational activities

Inpatient and Outpatient Services

Our benzo addiction treatment program in Houston gives you the option of choosing between inpatient and outpatient services, as well as our partial hospitalization program. We can assess your addiction and any mental health disorders you may have to make recommendations on which type of service is best for you.

Aftercare Programs

Once you complete your initial treatment in rehab, you may find it challenging to re-enter your healthy life. You may also face temptations that could trigger a relapse. We offer aftercare programs to provide you with a support network that includes continued counseling, support groups, alumni programs, and sober living housing.

Detox for Benzo Addiction

The first step in your benzo addiction treatment program is detox. Our detox center provides you with medication-assisted treatment, holistic therapies, 24/7 monitoring, and certified staff that can help you with medical issues. Detox is necessary because it allows you to rid your body of benzo toxins and give you a fresh start.

Since detox can be dangerous, you should only attempt to withdraw from benzo under medical supervision. We provide medication to help you cope with the withdrawal symptoms and ease your discomfort. We provide everything you need for detox in our advanced treatment center.

Individualize Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is a core element in our benzo addiction treatment program in Houston. Dual diagnosis allows us to explore the underlying causes of your addiction, such as a mental health disorder. Disorders that often lead to addiction include anxiety, depression, PTSD, ADHD, or bipolar disorders.

Through dual diagnosis, we can treat both your addiction and your mental health disorder. It is a more comprehensive type of treatment that targets the real problems and helps you address and manage your condition.

Get Started with Your Treatment Today

Your path to recovery can start today at Right Step Houston. We provide a combination of individual, family, and group therapy to ensure that you have a successful recovery. We assess the full scope of your needs and then put together an appropriate treatment plan just for you.

To find out more about our benzo addiction treatment program, contact us at our addiction treatment center in Houston, TX. Call us at 1.844.768.0169, and we can help you get started today. At. Right Step Houston, we are committed to helping you break the cycle of addiction.

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