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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program

Right Step Houston offers cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) as a short-term therapy technique to help you get to the next level of recovery. Our cognitive behavioral therapy program in Houston, TX, helps you discover positive thoughts and behaviors by changing your thought patterns.

CBT can help reduce your stress, cope with your mental disorder, and face many of the challenges surrounding your addiction. To find out more about the Right Step Houston drug and alcohol rehab program, contact us today. At Right Step Houston, the time to change is now.

What is a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Program?

For most individuals, their addiction is often linked to either a mental disorder or negative thought patterns that plaguea woman talking to her doctor during Cognitive behavioral therapy their minds. For instance, you have a co-occurring disorder such as drug addiction and depression. If so, we use cognitive behavioral therapy to help you identify the connection between your addiction and your thoughts, feelings, and attitude.

Our cognitive behavioral therapy program in Houston, TX, works on the basis that your thoughts and emotion affect your behavior and how you feel. Your Right Step Houston therapist helps you to identify what is going on in your mind and your life right now, including what present-day challenges, thoughts, and behaviors have triggered and sustained your addiction.

There are several components of CBT, such as:

  • Negative mind patterns can lead to mental disorders and substance abuse
  • How you think ultimately determines how you act
  • Beneficial ways of thinking that changes your behavior and lifestyle
  • Forming positive habits can relieve symptoms of mental disorders
  • Through talk therapy, your therapist guides you through CBT

We offer cognitive behavioral therapy courses that can consist of up to 20 sessions with your therapist or a group. You and your treatment specialist will collaborate to identify problems and find solutions. 

What You Learn in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

The goal of addiction recovery is to end your addiction for good without a relapse. Recovery begins with identifying the addition, admitting that you have it, and then working toward a solution to move beyond it.

The cognitive behavioral therapy program in Houston, TX, can help you achieve these goals. Through CBT, you will learn how to identify your addiction and develop an awareness of your negative thoughts and feelings. During each session, your therapist may challenge your fears, assumptions, and irrational thoughts about your condition. 

You will learn how to see your life from a more favorable perspective and develop a more positive way of seeing situations. You will also become more aware of your mental activity, both positive and negative. From there, we can help you establish goals to get the next level of your recovery. You can focus on life without addiction instead of the problems that bring you down.

Our Addiction Treatment Program

The cognitive behavioral therapy program is just one aspect of our addiction treatment program. We offer a broad spectrum of treatments such as: 

At Right Step Houston, we integrate multiple techniques that promote wellness and true healing – not just end addiction. 

Contact Us Today to Start Your Treatment

If you are ready to start your treatment for alcohol or drug addiction, then we can help you today. Right Step Houston offers comprehensive detox, rehab, and aftercare for all types of addiction. To find out more about cognitive behavioral therapy and our other programs, call us at 1.844.768.0169. At Right Step Houston, the next right time to change is now.


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