Family Therapy Program

close up of husband and wife holding hands during family therapy program in HoustonFamily therapy is effective in helping both adults and adolescents heal from addiction in the home. Family therapy can act as a support network if you are recovering from substance abuse. Right Step Houston offers a comprehensive family therapy program in Houston for all types of addictions and mental health disorders.

Our family therapy program combines evidence-based therapies and holistic treatment that addresses all issues that arise from addiction. Through therapy, you and your family can use your strengths and resources to reconnect and grow together. We can address issues such as substance abuse, parenting skills, physical or verbal abuse, depression, neglect, and conflict. Texas addiction treatment therapies benefit your addiction recovery and relationships with friends and family.

Types of Family Therapy We Offer

Our family therapy program helps you overcome problems that are affecting everyone in the home. We offer a wide range of therapies that meet your family’s needs, such as:

Evidence-Based Therapy

Your primary care includes evidence-based therapy (EBT) in Houston. This type of therapy is a treatment based on years of scientific research, ongoing study, and client observation. EBT consists of a combination of talk therapy and activities that promote family growth, unity, and recovery.

Holistic Treatment & Activities

As a supplement to evidence-based therapy, we also provide holistic care. Comprehensive treatment may include yoga therapy, massage therapy, exercise & nutrition, or various family recreational activities. You can also learn mindfulness and meditation that help you become more aware of how your thoughts and feelings affect your family.

Experiential Therapy

Through experiential therapy, each member of your family explores their thoughts and feelings more deeply. You engage in your therapy through various activities such as role-playing, guided imagery, creativity, or engaging therapy. The goal of experiential therapy is to help your family express their feelings and talk about issues more productively.

Support Groups

Support groups or group therapy programs in TX are available for each member of your family. They can be surrounded by others who are also on the path to recovery from addiction. Support groups range from 12-step programs and guided talk therapy to 12-step alternatives. We can help your family plug into a support group.

Why Family Therapy is Important for Recovery

The family therapy program at Right Step Houston is designed to help everyone cope with addiction, not just the person who is recovering. We understand that people deal with addiction in different ways. This individual experience is why family therapy is just as important as individual therapy. There are several things that your family can learn, such as:

  • What addiction is and why it happens
  • Better communicating with each other
  • Regaining trust and respect for one another
  • Sharing feelings and thoughts without hurting another person
  • Caring for one another and sustain the home

One of the goals of family therapy is teaching each member how to find a solution for resolving conflict. All families have problems. However, not all families know how to deal with them. We provide a framework that helps your family work through addiction so that you stay together, grow together, and learn how to love one another.

Find Out More About Our Family Therapy Program

At Right Step Houston, we are committed to helping families live fuller, healthier lives. Our programs give you everything you need to recover from drug or alcohol addiction. Treatment plans include full detox, rehab, and aftercare programs. You can also choose from inpatient and outpatient services. There is a full range of treatments available to you and your family.

To find out more about our family therapy program, call us today at 1.844.768.0169. Contact Right Step Houston to go over your treatment options and get you started on the road to recovery.

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