Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

Therapist explains the advantages of a dual diagnosis treatment centerWhen multiple problems involving substance abuse and mental health collide, a dual diagnosis treatment center is the answer to get you on the road to healing.

If you are facing substance abuse problems and feel that your mental health status is in question too, then you’re not alone. Many people who have substance abuse problems also have a mental illness. It’s not surprising if you feel like your world is falling apart in more ways than one.

What Does Dual Diagnosis Mean?

Dual diagnosis treatment seeks to uncover the reasons behind substance abuse issues and treat those problems. The fact is that untreated mental health conditions lead some people to partake in drugs. Why do they end up using drugs? They participate in what is called self-medicating. In other words, they don’t feel well due to mental illness so they take drugs to find relief. However, their mental health problem never goes away, and they end up with a substance abuse problem too. Some of the substance individuals tun to include:

Often, individuals aren’t aware they have an underlying mental health issue like depression, anxiety, or PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder). But what they are aware of is the discomfort they experience. Mental health issues can manifest has not just emotional pain but physical pain. Turning to drugs or alcohol gives temporary and superficial relief from this pain and discomfort. Unfortunately, like any disorder, when left untreated mental health issues only worsen. This causes many to turn back to substances. The cycle can lead to dependency or addiction. At Right Step Houston’s dual diagnosis treatment center in Houston, TX, both conditions are treated simultaneously so individuals heal fully.

What is a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

A dual diagnosis treatment center in Houston, TX is structured to help you with both substance use disorders and mental health disorders. This is critical for those who have a dual diagnosis. Without a treatment plan that addresses both concerns, the chances of relapsing are high.

First, a medical professional will do a formal evaluation to determine if you do have any mental health disorder. If you are diagnosed with a mental illness, then proper treatment is essential. Several therapies are specifically geared toward a dual diagnosis. Some of those include:

  • Cognitive-behavioral Therapy – This mode of therapy seeks to help you change negative thinking patterns that directly affect the mood and consequently your behavior.
  • Dialectical Behavior Therapy – This is a type of cognitive-behavioral therapy, but it seeks to help you recognize and accept your present self and circumstances while at the same time encouraging you to make changes where needed. It also is a helpful therapy when it comes to dealing with difficult emotions and interpersonal relationships.
  • Mindfulness-Based Therapy – This type of therapy combines cognitive therapy with the practice of mindfulness techniques such as yoga, relaxation techniques, and deep breathing.
  • Experiential Therapy – This therapy comprises a whole host of a hands-on type of activities such as recreational therapy, music therapy, art therapy, and more. Through creativity and letting loose, some people discover they can express hidden trauma or past issues.

Getting Started

When beginning the admissions process at a dual diagnosis treatment program in Houston, TX, your first step is contacting the rehab coordinator. The coordinator will get you started with verification of your insurance benefits and discuss treatment plans with you. You will decide whether you need 24/7 care or if intensive outpatient will meet the needs.

The coordinator will discuss what you need to bring with you to rehab if you decide to attend the residential treatment program. In addition, he or she will go over any final steps you need to complete before coming into the facility.

Right Step Houston’s Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center Is Right for You

At The Right Step, you’ll be making the move that will change your life. When you enter our beautiful facility, you’ll feel right at home with caring and compassionate staff ready to greet you. They will assist you as you journey to a life filled with joy. Trained clinicians will direct your steps as you gain complete independence from drugs.

Don’t wait until drug addiction has wrecked your life. Seek help now through a dual diagnosis treatment center. Reach out to our compassionate addiction staff today and take the first step by calling 1.844.768.0169. We’ll guide you on the road to recovery.

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