Person talking with their therapist at an intensive outpatient programIntensive outpatient programs (IOPs) are an essential part of the continuum of care for people suffering from alcohol and drug addiction. Designed to bridge the gap between inpatient treatment and full autonomy, IOPs provide patients with flexible schedules that allow them to continue working or attending school while receiving comprehensive treatment. With group therapy sessions, individual counseling, educational classes, and lifestyle coaching, these intensive outpatient programs offer support for those ready to take back control of their lives.

At The Right Step Houston, our intensive outpatient program offers a comprehensive approach to recovery from addiction and mental health issues. Our program helps patients find balance and develop the skills needed for long-term recovery. We feature a multidisciplinary team of highly skilled professionals dedicated to helping individuals and families heal while utilizing evidence-based approaches such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, medication-assisted treatment, and more. For more information on our addiction treatment programs, especially our intensive outpatient program in Houston, reach out to our team today at 1.844.768.0169.

What Is an Intensive Outpatient Program?

Intensive outpatient programs are tailored to the individual’s needs based on their goals, history of use, current symptoms, and motivation levels, among other factors. All clients are evaluated upon admission into an IOP and then given a comprehensive treatment plan consisting of individualized therapy sessions and group counseling sessions focused on relapse prevention strategies. Additionally, IOPs offer treatment and education on topics that include:

  • Nutrition and dietary habits
  • Anger management
  • Coping skills
  • Addiction education/relapse prevention
  • Mindfulness techniques
  • Physical fitness and activity planning
  • Social support development

IOPs offer an alternative to residential addiction treatment for those struggling with substance abuse and addiction. IOPs provide a flexible yet structured environment where individuals can participate in therapeutic activities and treatments while living at home and maintaining work or school commitments.

The main difference between IOPs and residential treatment is the level of structure and intensity. Unlike traditional residential programs, which involve living at the facility and being around the treatment process 24/7, IOPs typically provide fewer hours of scheduled services over a shorter period. Generally speaking, IOPs meet three to five times weekly for up to five hours daily, whereas residential programs can last 30 days or longer.

Benefits of an Intensive Outpatient Program

Intensive outpatient programs provide invaluable support to individuals struggling with addiction. IOPs are designed to provide intensive treatment on a more flexible schedule for those who may be transitioning back into daily life or who may not have the availability to commit to a full-time program.

The main benefits of an IOP include:

  • Accountability and guidance
  • Increased access to professional treatment and guidance
  • Improved ability to manage stressors and triggers
  • Reduced risk of relapse
  • Improved functioning in home, school, and work environments
  • Access to group therapy with peers
  • Flexibility for clients who require ongoing support while attending college, raising a family, or working long hours

IOPs play a critical role in recovery by allowing individuals to engage in meaningful peer interactions while learning valuable coping strategies. The structure of an IOP will enable participants to remain at home while receiving treatment, allowing them more freedom than other forms of outpatient care. The program’s flexibility helps participants maintain employment and family obligations while receiving quality treatment services.

Find an Intensive Outpatient Program in Houston at The Right Step Houston

At The Right Step Houston, our intensive outpatient program offers individualized, comprehensive addiction treatment to meet each patient’s needs. We provide daily clinical support for our clients with evidence-based practices and holistic therapies such as yoga, mindfulness meditation, and art therapy. Our experienced team works closely with each client to create an individualized plan tailored to their unique goals and circumstances. With this level of care and attention from our dedicated staff, we are confident that you will be able to improve your chances of achieving lasting sobriety after leaving our program. Contact The Right Step Houston today at 1.844.768.0169 for more information on our addiction treatment programs.

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