Dual Diagnosis

Person looking out window and wondering, "How are mental illness and addiction linked?"

How Are Mental Illness and Addiction Linked?

Struggling with addiction is complicated enough on its own, but if you’re dealing with another mental health issue on top of it, things can quickly become overwhelming. There is a strong link between mental illness and addiction that is not considered by many. However, you can make informed decisions regarding your addiction treatment by understanding …

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woman discussing with therapist what co-occurring disorders are

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

Substance abuse presents enormous challenges. The cycle of addiction can be difficult to break and requires the individual to put a lot of effort into getting clean. In many cases, mental illness can make recovery much more difficult and may result in additional challenges. When a person has both substance abuse and a mental illness, …

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Man and therapist talk about what is dual diagnosis

What Is Dual Diagnosis?

Addiction can not only impact your cognition, judgment, and relationships, but it can also aggravate and cause mental health disorders. Worse still, you can develop a co-occurring condition that requires dual diagnosis treatment. But what is a dual diagnosis and how common is it? More than 30 million Americans ages 12 and older use illicit …

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Sad woman with anxiety and substance use

You Have Anxiety and Substance Use Is Making It Worse

Spend just a little bit of time with the realities of our world today and, if you’re like me, you’ll find yourself brimming with tension. It may your anxiety skyrocket. And it may make you want to turn to substance use. I’m talking about the tension between yourself and another person, the weight of important decisions, …

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Line of first responders represent careers at risk for addiction

3 Careers at Risk for Addiction

Are Our First Responders at Risk for Addiction? Firefighters, police officers and paramedics share two major job components: each is a hero of the community, and all face inherent danger on a daily basis. These pressures can make first their careers high risk for addiction.   You can imagine those dangers, right? Burns, smoke inhalation, gun …

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First responders struggling with addiction and the risk factors for substance use disorder

To Our First Responders Battling Addiction: There’s Hope for You

If you work as a first responder, I’d like to start by saying thank you. Secondly, if you are one of the millions of first responders battling addiction, I want to tell you, there is hope.  We all owe a great debt of gratitude to our local emergency medical technicians, firefighters and police officers. You …

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Man suffering from substance use disorders and dual diagnosis

What is Dual Diagnosis and How Does it Happen?

Substance use disorder and mental health issues often deliver a one-two punch—occurring at the same time for people who could really use a break.    Or, to borrow another cliche, these dual diagnoses kick folks while they’re already on the ground.    What’s up with that? Why do we see a prevalence of co-occurring mental …

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