Substance Abuse

person in yoga pose can mindfulness meditation work for addiction

Does Mindfulness Meditation Work For Addiction?

Dealing with an addiction problem is a challenge for many people. Finding adequate treatment is so critical so that healing can occur. The key to developing a treatment plan is to work side by side with an experienced team of professionals who understand what will work best for you. Mindfulness meditation is one therapy that […]

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woman wondering Do I Need THC addiction Treatment

Do I Need THC Addiction Treatment?

People who use marijuana either regularly or occasionally are at risk for addiction. As you probably know, tetrahydrocannabinol or THC is the main ingredient in this drug that results in people feeling high. THC is the substance that produces the euphoria. It can also make people feel relaxed and calm. It works on the brain

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a notebook showing what is thc

What Is THC?

As society moves towards beginning to accept marijuana use by legalizing it, more and more people will likely start using it. As more people use marijuana, it’s important to ask the question — what is THC, and how is it related to marijuana? Like any substance, marijuana can be abused causing negative effects on the

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child between two parents with their backs to each other showing how addiction affects families

Learn How Addiction Affects Families Today

Substance abuse is a severe disorder a person cannot battle alone. Toxic substances have devastating effects on users, but many people overlook how addiction affects families. Drug addicts are real people with family members, including parents, spouses, and children.   However, addiction affects society at large. According to recent data, more than 38% of adults in

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Stages of Addiction Recovery, family sitting together laughing

Stages of Addiction Recovery

Going through the stages of addiction recovery takes patience and determination. No one suddenly gets better. However, if you are determined to make recovery a priority you can overcome your addiction and manage your condition. Let’s take a closer look at the stages of addiction recovery and what you expect once you enter rehab. Alcohol

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risk factors for addiction, woman staring out window

Risk Factors for Addiction

Addiction occurs when you no longer have the ability to stop consuming a substance or participating in behaviors that lead to substance abuse. The medical field now widely accepts addiction as a disease and a disorder. Furthermore, therapists and counselors identify risk factors for addiction. While many of the risk factors for addiction center around

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benefits of a family program, therapist shaking hands with couple

Benefits of a Family Program

Addiction doesn’t just impact the person struggling with a substance abuse disorder. Addiction is also a family disease because it negatively impacts those you love most. The negative impact on your loved ones is especially profound if you’re married or have children. Since addiction requires treatment, family therapy plays an important role in your recovery,

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stress management techniques, redheaded woman getting attention from dog

Stress Management Techniques

When you battle addiction, drugs and alcohol become your primary coping mechanism. Masking painful and uncomfortable thoughts and feelings with psychoactive substances means that an important part of recovery is learning healthy stress management techniques. Stress is an unfortunate part of life. While some types of stress are beneficial and can help motivate you to

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