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Does Mindfulness Meditation Work For Addiction?

Dealing with an addiction problem is a challenge for many people. Finding adequate treatment is so critical so that healing can occur. The key to developing a treatment plan is to work side by side with an experienced team of professionals who understand what will work best for you. Mindfulness meditation is one therapy that is gaining quite a bit of popularity. This method of helping addiction is a successful one that many find helpful. You may be wondering — what is mindfulness meditation therapy, and can mindfulness meditation work for addiction? Let’s take a look at this type of treatment in depth.

What Exactly Is Mindfulness-Based Meditation?

Before answering the question — can mindfulness meditation work for addiction, it’s good to know what it is and how it works. Mindfulness-based meditation stems from mindfulness-based cognitive therapy, which is a type of psychotherapy. This therapy brings mindfulness practices with cognitive behavioral therapy.

The foundation of this therapy is rooted in cognitive behavioral therapy. The method you use to implement the therapy is mindfulness techniques. It begins with the teaching that you can change negative thought patterns as well as your behavior.

This technique is based on listening to the thoughts that enter your mind throughout the day. You’d be surprised how easy it is to ignore the stream of consciousness thoughts that we all have. The other critical thing is that you should not judge or be critical of the thoughts. Just acknowledge them. Many people are excessively critical of their thoughts and feelings, and they do notice them, they react negatively about them.

Another aspect of the therapy is to refuse negativity when it does come to your mind. There is a difference between being harsh and critical with yourself and simply refusing to listen to the thoughts that would drag you down. This allows you to have another option for moving forward.

Can Mindfulness Meditation Work For Addiction?

Mindfulness meditation works well for addiction because you engage in mind training. By exercising your mind in new ways, you learn to cope with external difficulties. It also teaches you strategies to use in times of overwhelming emotions.

Mindfulness techniques also helps with understanding how your emotions affect behavior. As you become more aware of the thoughts that may be impacting your behavior, it allows you better control over these situations.

There are a variety of exercises your therapist will work on with you to help mindfulness meditation become a habit. One thing you can do now is to begin working on training your mind to focus on all of the thoughts and sensations you have throughout the day.

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