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Epidemic Vs. Pandemic and the Need to Get Sober

To better understand an epidemic vs. pandemic, take a look at what is going on in the world with COVID-19, or the Coronavirus. What started as an epidemic in December 2019, has now become a worldwide pandemic. An epidemic occurs when a contained area begins to experience a disease all at once. It is a regional infection of people in one area that can spread. A pandemic occurs once the epidemic spreads out of control, as with COVID-19 and the spread throughout the world at this time. COVID-19 is a type of Coronavirus. It is a new virus, although it shares similarities with other viruses that are already discovered.

Local Epidemic Vs. Pandemic Throughout a Country

To get an idea of an epidemic vs. pandemic, consider New York City and the skyrocketing rates of infection. COVID-19 is being described as a bullet train heading towards New York City by Governor Cuomo. Surrounding states are not seeing the same levels of infection at this time, but are expected to in the near future. It is an epidemic in New York City, because currently, it is more localized. As COVID-19 continues to impact people everywhere, it becomes a widespread pandemic. To clarify, COVID-19 is already a global pandemic, but hotspots like New York City can be best explained as areas of an epidemic that is starting to spread.

Managing Sobriety During a Pandemic

Once you understand an epidemic vs. pandemic, it becomes a little easier to accept why you have to stay home to stop the virus from taking hold in your community. If you struggle with an addiction and you are trying to hold on to your sobriety, there are a number of ways to prevent a relapse. Your fear and feelings of isolation are normal, as people shelter in place to avoid spreading germs. To manage sobriety during this time:

  • Call for help if you are actively abusing substances and need to stop
  • Work with a virtual therapist to stay focused
  • Find online support groups to give you the emotional encouragement you need
  • Look for ways to get more exercise and focus on healthy eating
  • Talk to others as much as you can to avoid feeling isolated

If you are actively abusing substances, your ability to fight off an infection is reduced. Your ability to stay sober at this time is going to directly impact the seriousness of your infection if you contract COVID-19.

Developing Your Treatment Plan with Right Step Houston

Individuals who are abusing substances are at higher risk of infection complications. Substance abuse causes damage to your organs and makes it harder to deal with illness. Isolation leads to anxiety, depression, and other mental health needs. As a person struggling with addiction, it’s time to get control of your treatment needs. You are putting yourself at risk when you continue to abuse substances, and a detox facility is your best chance at getting sober.

At Right Step Houston you will work with a counselor to establish a treatment plan. You get the support you need during this difficult time. You will create a treatment plan that outlines your next steps of treatment. With a pandemic going on, treatment for addiction has never been more necessary. With so many people stressed and out of work, it becomes impossible to manage addiction on your own. If you are struggling, it’s time to reach out for the help you need. The pandemic continues to spread, and your health will depend on your ability to stay sober at this time. Call us today at 1.844.768.0169 for more information on a treatment plan.

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