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Strategies for Enjoying a Sober Holidays

Holidays present a lot of challenges for someone going through recovery from addiction. This time of the year is filled with parties and other events. The temptation to drink is everywhere. However, you are determined to stay clean. This may involve help from a Houston, TX outpatient treatment program and relying on the skills you built during addiction treatment. With a little assistance, you can enjoy sober holidays and make positive memories that last a lifetime. Below are some ways you can enjoy sober holidays without relapsing.

Know Who to Call

What happens if you get tempted to drink? Who can you reach out to? These may be the most important phone numbers in your contact list. Therefore, pick out a few names and let them know that you may need them this holiday season. Names may include people from your support group, your therapist, a mentor, or friends and family. When you are unsure of who to call, reach out to a Houston, TX addiction treatment center. The professionals there can help you when you feel your recovery is being threatened.

Avoid Certain Situations

You may have to turn down the annual holiday office party this year. In addition, you may have to decline a dozen other invitations to events where alcohol is present. Some people in recovery even say no to family events. While it can be a bit depressing to stay home when others are having fun, the tradeoff is that you met your goal to celebrate sober holidays.

Provide Your Own Transportation

Don’t leave your fate in someone else’s hands. If you go to an event, and alcohol is present, you may need to make a quick getaway. Therefore, make sure you can drive home without inconveniencing someone else. At the very least, set up an Uber/Lyft account or call a cab. Removing yourself from a situation can help you stay on track.

Choose Your Friends and Family

Not everyone is sensitive to your addiction recovery. Furthermore, some people may try to downplay your addiction or pressure you into drinking. These are the people you need to stay away from. If you want to make the most of your sober holidays, then spend time with people who support your recovery and can keep you accountable. Joining or continuing a group therapy program provides the perfect environment where you can surround yourself with other people focused on recovery.

Focus on Fitness During Sober Holidays

When it comes to eating and being lazy, it is easy to overdo it on the holidays. However, gaining ten pounds from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Eve can kill your motivation to remain sober. So, do everything possible to stay physically and mentally healthy, including:

  • Sticking to your fitness plan
  • Keep a journal
  • Spend time with positive people
  • Volunteer or find other ways to be involved in your community

Go to a Meeting

No matter where you are this holiday, there is a local AA or support group meeting. Talk to your therapist and find out where the meetings are located. Include meetings as part of your daily or weekly routine. If you get tempted to drink, then drop what you are doing and head out to join a support group. You’ll be glad you did.

A Season of Sober Holidays

If you need help with addiction this holiday, contact The Right Step Houston. Our Houston, TX substance abuse treatment programs provide total support at every stage of recovery. We can help you celebrate sober holidays. Call us at 1.844.768.0169 to find out more.

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