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How to Make It a Sober Thanksgiving This Year

Thanksgiving and celebration go hand in hand. However, the festivities in the past may have gone a bit too far. But this year is different, as you celebrate your recovery and a whole new you. If you want a sober Thanksgiving this year, then you will need to prepare for the cravings and temptations that can often accompany holiday parties and family gatherings.

Below are some ways that you can celebrate a sober Thanksgiving and create positive, lasting memories with friends and family. If you or a loved one needs help this Thanksgiving, reach out to the addiction treatment center in Houston, TX.

Determine Your Addiction Threshold and Stick to It

Being in recovery means preparing yourself for difficult moments that trigger your cravings. You may have to limit who you spend time with or where you go this Thanksgiving. Identify your possible triggers in advance and decide what you will do to avoid them.

There are some commitments you may have to back away from. There may be some friends or family that you can’t spend time with. You will also have to stay away from certain establishments or areas of town. One way to ensure where you go and who you spend time with is to drive your vehicle. It allows you to make a quick getaway if necessary.

Volunteer This Thanksgiving

One of the best ways to ensure a sober Thanksgiving is to help others. It gets your mind off of your struggles and enables you to focus on other people. You can volunteer at a homeless shelter, help out at a local church, or even provide support at a sober living house. You may also find some ways to help your neighbors.

Helping others is therapeutic and gives you a sense of purpose and reduces stress. It also keeps you from sitting around the house doing nothing. Chances are, there are lots of opportunities to help out this holiday season. Ask around for ways to help and find out who could use a helping hand.

Don’t Go In Alone

One of the core concepts in addiction recovery is that you can’t do it alone. Therefore, establish your support network and stay in touch as often as you need to. Your network may include:

  • Your therapist or counselor
  • A mentor or accountability partner
  • The drug rehab center in TX
  • Close family and friends
  • A support group or AA group

Also, find out what resources are available to you in your aftercare program or alumni program during Thanksgiving. Make sure you have contact information such as a quick phone number that you can call when you are tempted to drink or take drugs. A support system can reinforce your efforts for a sober Thanksgiving.

Reduce Your Stress at Sober Thanksgiving

The holidays can be just a stressful as they are relaxing. Several things can cause stress, such as family members or in-laws, travel, finances, or taking on too much. You may also have negative memories of the past or mourn the death of a loved one this time of year.

Whatever causes your stress, do your best to reduce it. Delegate responsibilities to other family members and avoid places that cause too much stress. Practicing mindfulness and meditation for perspective and boundaries. Finally, adjust your attitude toward the holidays. This Thanksgiving will be far better than last year’s because you will be celebrating a sober Thanksgiving.

Need Help This Holiday Season? Contact Right Step Houston

This holiday season is your year to celebrate a sober Thanksgiving. Contact Right Step Houston to help you every step of the way. We offer comprehensive detox, rehab, and aftercare with addiction treatment programs in Houston, TX. Call today at 1.844.768.0169 to get started with your treatment.

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