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How Physiological Dependence Can Be Treated

Are you or someone you love struggling with physiological dependence on drugs or alcohol? You’re not alone. Addiction is a real and severe disease, but there is hope for recovery.

At The Right Step Houston, our experienced and knowledgeable staff offers comprehensive addiction treatment programs that can help you get your life back on track. Call 1.844.768.0169 to learn more about our evidence-based approach to addiction treatment and how we can help you achieve lasting sobriety.

What Is Physiological Dependence?

Simply put, physiological dependence on alcohol or drugs occurs when your body becomes reliant on a substance to function normally. When you try to quit using the substance, you may experience withdrawal symptoms like:

  • Excessive sweating
  • Nausea
  • Shaking

For some people, these symptoms can be so severe that they feel like they need to keep using the substance to feel “normal.”

If you’re struggling with physiological dependence, know that you are not alone and there is help available in the form of professional addiction treatment. At The Right Step Houston, our addiction treatment programs are designed to help you overcome physiological dependence and achieve lasting sobriety.

What Constitutes Addiction Treatment?

The staff at The Right Step Houston believes that addiction treatment should be holistic and address your physical, mental, and emotional needs to be genuinely effective. Our experienced addiction professionals will work with you to create a tailored treatment plan that meets your unique needs.

In general, an effective addiction treatment program should include the following:

  • Detoxification – The first step in addiction treatment is often detox, during which your body will rid itself of addictive substances. This process can be uncomfortable and even dangerous, so it’s important to detox under the care of experienced medical professionals.
  • Individual counseling – In individual counseling sessions, you’ll work one-on-one with a licensed therapist to address the underlying causes of your addiction. You’ll also learn healthy coping mechanisms that can help you avoid relapses in the future.
  • Group therapy – Group therapy sessions allow you to share your experiences and connect with others going through similar challenges. These sessions can be incredibly helpful in promoting recovery and sobriety.
  • Aftercare planning –  Once you’ve completed a treatment program, it’s essential to have a plan in place for continuing your recovery journey. An aftercare plan can include ongoing counseling, peer support group meetings, and other support services.

On top of a customized addiction treatment program, our caring and compassionate team can also develop an aftercare plan for you that includes ongoing support and resources.

Benefits of Addiction Treatment

One of the most significant benefits of addiction treatment is that it can help you safely detox from substances without experiencing withdrawal symptoms. In addition, treatment can provide you with the tools and resources you need to manage your addiction long-term successfully. For example, you’ll learn how to identify triggers and cope with cravings in healthy ways. Addiction treatment can also help improve your overall mental and physical health. In fact, many people who go through treatment report feeling happier and healthier than they have in years.

Learn More About Addiction Treatment at The Right Step Houston

The team at The Right Step Houston is here to help you every step of the way on your journey to recovery. Our treatment center offers a variety of programs and levels of care to meet the unique needs of each person who walks through our doors. We accept most major insurance plans and offer affordable financing options for those who qualify—so there’s no excuse not to get the help you need. Ready to take the first step toward recovery? Contact 1.844.768.0169 to learn more about The Right Step Houston‘s evidence-based addiction treatment programs.


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