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Drinking and Social Media

In the current digital age, people have access to several social media platforms. While these are excellent opportunities to connect with friends and loved ones, there is also a correlation between drinking and social media that you might not understand. While there are many opportunities to find support on social media, it can also be dangerous to those who struggle with drinking problems. Fortunately, The Right Step Houston offers comprehensive alcohol use disorder (AUD) treatment to help individuals overcome addiction.

Understanding the Dangers of Drinking and Social Media

As you surf social media platforms, you might notice many ads targeting activities and interests, including drinking. You might also find restaurants advertising drink specials on their pages, profiles, and social media advertising. Even your friends and family might organize celebrations, get-togethers, and other parties featuring alcohol.

Social media can constantly remind you of your addiction if you’re struggling with drinking. The constant barrage of images, ads, and posts related to alcohol can trigger a craving for alcohol, leading to relapse. If you’re in treatment for AUD, you must be aware of the definite correlation between drinking and social media. After all, social media platforms are an integral part of many people’s lives. Therefore, the use of social media can influence someone’s drinking habits. Studies also find that teens spend more than three hours daily on social media and are at a heightened risk for mental health problems. Further studies reveal that social media could significantly influence an adolescent’s decision to drink alcohol.

Understanding the Signs of Alcoholism

Depending on the level of addiction, alcoholism signs could include:

  • Backing out of activities because you need to recover or want to drink more
  • Drinking even during dangerous or high-risk situations
  • Drinking habits negatively affect relationships
  • Drinking more intended frequently
  • Experiencing frequent alcohol cravings
  • Planning to consume less alcohol and failing frequently
  • Spending a significant amount of time drinking and recovering

When you are learning about alcohol and social media, it is also essential for you to understand the signs of alcoholism. If you notice any of these warning signs in yourself or someone you know, you must reach out for help as soon as possible. Alcoholism is a severe disease that can quickly spiral out of control if left untreated.

Several treatment options are available to help individuals struggling with addiction, and the first step is always reaching out for assistance. The Right Step Houston offers evidence-based programs and services that have helped countless individuals achieve sobriety.

How Social Media Influences Drinking

Even though people might already know how drinking and social media work regarding ads and events, there are other ways social media can influence people. Many might not realize that social media use could be part of the problem regarding moderating alcohol consumption. For example, you might be tempted to our a drink for yourself if you see:

  • Your friends post pictures of them with alcohol on social media
  • Your friends talk about their alcohol use
  • Memes about drinking, such as a picture of someone holding a drink with a caption that reads, “It’s five o’clock somewhere!”

Seeing that imagery could make you want to drink when you typically would not. These posts can trigger individuals who are in recovery or trying to quit drinking. To moderate alcohol use, you must know how social media influences your decisions. 

If you see posts that trigger your alcohol cravings, taking a break from social media or limiting your time online might be best. It is also essential to understand that drinking is not always harmful. There are many pros and cons to using social media during recovery. While alcohol and social media seem to be intertwined, there is also a broad range of recovery opportunities. For example, if you are participating in a treatment program, you can find an abundance of online resources about sober living and how to overcome addiction. An excellent course of action is following or “liking” as many accounts you find that dedicate themselves to recovery and maintaining a sober lifestyle.

If you or someone you know is struggling to moderate alcohol use, it’s essential to reach out for help before things spiral out of control. There is no shame in admitting the need for assistance to overcome addiction. 

The Right Step Houston Can Help with Overcoming Alcohol Addiction

Do you have concerns regarding the correlation between drinking and social media? Do you worry about participating in too many online events that include alcohol? No one should have to go through these worries without help. Contact 1.844.768.0169 to learn more about how social media influences drinking and how our alcohol rehab center can support you.

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