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How Dangerous is an Alcohol Blackout?

How dangerous is an alcohol blackout? A blackout is dangerous because, although you appear to conscious or even active, you may have no memory of the blackout or what went on while you were blacked out. Furthermore, a blackout is often an indication that you have far exceeded your alcohol limit.

Blackouts, or alcohol-induced amnesia, are often caused by binge drinking – consuming too much alcohol too quickly. While some people may vaguely remember people, places, or events, others can have a complete blackout and remember nothing while they were intoxicated. Learn more about how the alcohol rehab center in Houston, TX helps with the dangers of alcohol abuse.

What Happens During a Blackout?

How dangerous is an alcohol blackout? The dangers of blackout involve more than memory loss. A person’s blood-alcohol level (BAC) during a blackout typically reaches 0.14 percent or more. Once the BAC level reaches that high, alcohol can interfere with the brain function known as transfer encoding. This function is what creates short-term memory and transfers it to long-term memory storage.

Therefore, when you blackout, your brain does not transfer your memories to long-term storage. You have no idea what happened the night before. There are two forms of alcohol-induced blackouts:

  1. En block (complete) blackouts cause 100% memory loss until the blood alcohol level comes back down and normal brain function returns. When this occurs, you may never be able to recollect what happened when you were blacked out.
  2. Partial (fragmentary) blackouts do not completely erase your memory. Even if you do not remember what happened, something may trigger your memory later on. Therefore, it is not a total blackout.

How Dangerous is an Alcohol Blackout?

How dangerous is an alcohol blackout? Blackouts are especially dangerous for women and young adults because they can become intoxicated on less alcohol. There several reasons why blackouts are dangerous, including:

  • Vulnerability to physical or sexual abuse
  • An impaired judgment which leads to dangerous behavior
  • Alcohol poisoning or other medical emergencies
  • Risk of legal or financial problems
  • Inability to recall important events or situations

If you cannot remember what happened while you were drunk, then you may be vulnerable or liable for certain events or situations that occurred. Also, you have no way of controlling these events or situations. Seek professional help at the addiction treatment center in Houston, TX.

Are Blackouts a Sign of Addiction?

How dangerous is an alcohol blackout? An alcohol blackout is dangerous because it may be a sign of an addiction. A single instance of an alcohol blackout is a sign of substance abuse. However, if you continue to blackout and have multiple episodes over a long period, then you may have an addiction to alcohol.

Blackouts indicate that you either do not know your alcohol limit, or you are not capable of pacing yourself when you drink. These are symptoms of addiction. How dangerous is an alcohol blackout? It is highly dangerous if you continue to blackout and do not address the problem.

Get Help for Alcohol Addiction at Right Step Houston

How dangerous is an alcohol blackout? Contact Right Step Houston to find out more. We offer comprehensive treatment and care for substance abuse at our addiction treatment center in Houston, TX. Call us at 1.844.768.0169 to get started with your treatment.

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