woman exasperated with hand on face trying to understand What are Co-occurring Disorders

What are Co-occurring Disorders

Substance abuse presents enormous challenges. Sometimes, mental health issues such as anxiety or depression magnify those challenges. Science has a name for this: “co-occurring disorders.” But what are co-occurring disorders? And how do you successfully get treatment for them? Also known as “dual-diagnosis” disorders, co-occurring disorders are very common. For reasons doctors are just now…

caregiver filling out form showing importance of dual diagnosis treatment

Importance of Dual-Diagnosis Treatment

Substance abuse disorders and mental illnesses are difficult enough to deal with on their own.  But sometimes they occur simultaneously. This condition is known as a “dual diagnosis disorder.” Coping with both conditions at the same time poses twice the level of difficulty and highlights the importance of dual diagnosis treatment. The protocols for treating…

man with hands over face sitting against wall showing signs of depression

Signs of Depression

Depression is among the nation’s most common mental illnesses. It is a widespread and serious condition that, in many instances, requires medical treatment — either counseling, medication, or both. Depression can also exist concurrently with substance abuse disorders, requiring an even more comprehensive form of treatment. But what are the signs of depression? The signs…